Earn Commission for Every Referral

Protect your future sales while helping out clients.

Asurent Renter Referral Program

How Our Referral Program Works

1. Send Us a Referral

To send a referral to Asurent, simply fill out the form below and let your client know they can expect our call.

2. We'll Get in Touch

Asurent will contact your referral to discuss potential property management and rental options.

3. Get Paid

For every management package we sign, Asurent will send you 25% of the first month's rent.


Why Refer Clients to Us?

How You Benefit

Hold On to Your Customers

When you refer a client to Asurent, they’re guaranteed a great experience. We’ll make you look like a hero in your client’s eyes and they’ll come back to you for more great advice in the future.

Eliminate Your Liability

Avoid potential problems by passing the burden of property management advice on to us.

We Provide a Written Contract

Every realtor Asurent works with gets a signed referral contract that clearly outlines expectations and ensures you get paid.

Your Reputation Stays Protected

In the Medford real estate market, reputation is everything. Sending your clients to a sub-par property management firm will NOT look good. Do the right thing from day one and send them to Asurent.

We'll Pay You

Every successful referral with a signed management contract will net you 25% of the first month's rent.

How Much Could You Earn?

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Some Sample Numbers

Average Monthly Rent
1yr Earnings From Just 2 Referrals/Month
Just 1yr of Protected Sales Commissions